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Rock-, Pop-, Solo-, Singer-Songwriter- and Cover-Band.

The band name “Open String” is a musical project that is primarily based on a guitar and vocals. The repertoire of “cover-songs” contains songs from the area of Rock and Pop over the last three decades. Sometimes the “mastermind” of the project is kissed by a muse and new and interesting songs occur. You can find this new songs under the title “singer-songwriter” on e.g Youtube, Amazon and iTunes.

Usually the songs are composed with an acoustic guitar. Partly an electric guitar is used. It is not the aim simply to cover songs moreover the aim is to cover songs with an individual interpretation.

Furthermore, it is the aim to play “live”, “straight” and “approachable”. Usually the songs will be performed on stage without any kind of playback. Only live played guitar loops are used. The preferred kind of entertainment is the “live gig” in order to get in touch with the audience. By this way we are talking about small parties and celebrations, performances in bars and music-events, musical intermezzos in big band lineups (Swing Air Club), support of charity rock bands and occasional street artistic performances.

The music project is characterized by versatility and is seen as an open platform. Temporarily interesting constellations emerge by extending the band on subject related reasons. In this context, we speak about an additional singer, a percussionist or a second guitarist.  

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